Serious Game Alcatraz

We all know to learn by playing works. Play Alcatraz with your colleagues and improve security awareness within your organisation.

Customer: Veiligheidsregio

Engaging staff in awareness training can sometimes be difficult. The topics can be seen as ‘dull’ and training materials from some provides is ‘dry and boring’. That’s why we at Eurofins like to find ways of engaging with our clients and creating more exciting propositions. So when the management team of Veiligheidsregio came to us to discuss Awareness training we decided the best course was to get them involved in the serious game of Alcatraz.

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Serious Game Alcatraz with Veiligheidsregio

It is considered that in 70% of cases human interaction is the cause of security incidents. Therefore it is this element that needs to be closely examined. Why do people compromise security? And how can we best negate the impact? The game of Alcatraz has been developed to raise the information security awareness of both employees and managers. It sees staff members challenged to take sides on the prison island of Alcatraz in an interactive game situation.

Objective of the game

The participants get to work in small groups (6 people per table with a maximum of 42 people per session) in a workshop with hypotheses about information security.  The game pays attention to the different roles and responsibilities of the participants. During and after the game they will draft joint actions and rework these into a report. This way managers as employees are involved in creation a plan of action and support for the desired outcome emerges. 

The awareness program for the management team of Veiligheidsregio saw multiple teams taking part in Alcatraz sessions and demonstrably raising their level of awareness.

To ensure that the knowledge gained in playing the game was consolidated and recognized in a way that could be implemented in the business, it was supported by an interactive workshop and onboarding e-learning. All these facilities were provided by and delivered by Eurofins Cyber Security.

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