Security Awareness Programme

Employees are an essential link in information security. How do we ensure that employees work safer and learn to recognise privacy and security risks?

Customer: Tintengroep

How do you ensure that each of your 650 employees get appropriate awareness training in and privacy? Tintengroep, a Dutch company that specializes in social work, started with our security awareness program.

Tintengroep: experts in social work

Tintengroep specialises in the critical roles of social work, foundation stage education for toddlers and child care support. And not just children. Their clients range from 0 to 100 years old.

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Awareness of information security is key

Information security and privacy are two main pillars in the strategy of Tintengroep, and is an essential requirement when working with clients who could be vulnerable and at risk.  

As the employees constantly work with personal data there is the need to learn how to safely handle all data. Staff members need to be aware of data threats and have resilient and robust solutions in place to address any potential problems. Ensuring that company and personal data are stored safely is a time consuming process so it is important that everyone fully understands the need for the highest levels of safety and that an environment that values the development of risk awareness is fostered.  

Building blocks of the security awareness program

The security awareness program consists of following building blocks and objectives:

  • Phishing test (field test of behavior): To measure the current level of awareness and identify any immediate risk areas
  • Interactive workshop and presentation: To raise awareness on the purpose and necessity of information security and to give advice
  • E-learning programme: spread over three years, with different modules adapted to match recognizable work situations and designed to develop the required knowledge, skills, attitude and behavior
  • Evaluation and follow-up: To update the security awareness program and keep all the staff members aware of progress.

Our approach

We focused on the development of risk awareness with the ultimate goal of a demonstrable change in behavior. We have developed our own assessment method to accurately measure starting points and progress towards agreed goals. This way we can measure the effectiveness but it also allows us to create a risk-based planning for the next period in time.

Lasting improvement based on a risk driven approach

To achieve a lasting impact on improved safety and security major tasks were broken into smaller manageable activities. We start by presenting a general introduction in the first year and continue with specific risks projects across three or four areas where improvement is sought in the following years.

Awareness interventions

Awareness interventions do not only measure behavior but they also play a big part in delivering the necessary underpinning knowledge, in positively influencing the attitude and making adjustments in behavior. Our awareness interventions are:   

  1. Based on recognizable work situations
  2. Delivered as short interventions as part of the daily job routine
  3. Partly confronting or emotionally loaded
  4. Interactive and based on games-style learning strategies.

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