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Security Monitor

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Security Monitor

Identify, protect, detect, respond ...and recover

Computers and electronic devices no longer exist in isolation. Connected to each other and the Internet they become more effective and more powerful but also open to malicious attack. You need to be vigilant to detect any attempts at attack before they impact upon you, your company or your customers. 

Our Security Monitor continuously scans your network infrastructure for threats, vulnerabilities and/or (possible) security breaches. This gives you a structured overview of the security level of your network infrastructure and allows you to take timely action if necessary. Security Monitor helps you to identify threats and vulnerabilities, protect assets, detect (potential) security breaches, respond to and recover from security incidents.

Security Monitor (formerly AVMS) was developed in co-operation with and co-funded by leading financial institutions. Security Monitor keeps you, in a cost-effective way, up-to-date of the security status of your network infrastructure.

Our approach

Security Monitor can be used for all internet connected systems and services. The service can also be used to monitor the security of your internal networks and/or devices. Security Monitor consists of the following separate modules:

  • Network security: A component that accurately identifies vulnerabilities and mis-configurations in your network infrastructure.
  • Threat intelligence: Provides continuous real-time insight into your online footprint.
  • Application security: Complete visibility of client-side security, with real-time threat detection and callbacks for automated reactions.
  • DDoS mitigation: A network-based component to protect your assets from DDoS attacks.
  • Device security: Protect you network infrastructure from unsecure (un)known devices.
  • Network monitoring: A component that (passively) monitors the security of managed and (un)managed (IT/OT) hosts and devices.

Subscribers to one or more of these modules and you also get Eurofins Cyber Security HQ which additionally features our incident response service.

As soon as we identify relevant threats and/or detect vulnerabilities with a high risk we immediately alert you. Our experts provide you with practical recommendations to mitigate the reported risk and to eliminate the cause of the problem. Every quarter you receive a reliable and concise report, explaining in understandable language the security state of your network infrastructure.

The benefits of our Security Monitor:

  • A tailor-made solution for your network infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive management console and network sensors.
  • Easy determination of risks and priorities.

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