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Incident Response

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Incident Response

We offer emergency ‘first aid’ in case of a data breach, hacking, phishing, DDoS attack, a malware infection and other unknown or unclear security incidents, together with concrete, pragmatic advice and continuous support.

Incident Response: action and support

An effective and timely response to a security incident greatly reduces the impact and potential damage. The right Incident Response always depends on the situation. From the very first moment you contact our specialists, they produce an action plan and a log. We provide extensive technical and organizational advice and carry out additional analyses of aspects such as network traffic and malicious software.

We then deliver a report containing a precise description of the security incident. We provide information about the causes and effects, a chronological report of the activities, the result and effective recommendations and pointers to structurally improve your information security, ensuring the chances of a repeat of the incident are minimised. 

Obligation to report data breaches

Since 2016 organizations are obliged to report a serious data breach to the Data Protection Authority and, in some cases, to the person whose data has been breached. In case of data leaks and other security incidents it’s important to understand the cause and possible consequences as soon as possible. We provide clarity and provide the measures needed to limit possible damage as much as possible: we speak your language. 

Contact us in case of a:

  • Phishing- or social engineering - attack
  • Malware contamination (like ransomware)
  • Computer hack attack
  • Data security breach
  • Denial-of-Service attack
  • Unknown or indistinct security incident

Advantages of our Incident Response service:

  • Quick insight into the cause and effect of a security incident
  • Access to some of cyber security's best experts
  • Practical advice for continuous improvement and prevention of future attacks

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