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The CyberSecurity Framework: Media Edition

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Introducing The CyberSecurity Framework: Media Edition

More and more media organisations are discovering increasing risks and vulnerabilities in the media supply chain. That’s why we developed the CyberSecurity Framework: Media Edition. Designed from the ground up as an end-to-end solution, covering analysis of and protection from cyber security risks in media production, media distribution and media consumption, our media framework can be customised to your precise needs. So, no matter which part – or parts – of the media supply chain your company operates you can be sure that the Cyber Security Framework: Media Edition will provide a custom solution to your cyber security.

The Framework considers not only the processes and the technology but also the people involved, further ensuring your staff are appropriately skilled and are primed on identifying cybersecurity concerns at every turn.

We address the three consecutive areas in the supply chain, both individually and collectively, we can identify the key security concerns and develop solutions. Detailed below is how the CyberSecurity Framework: Media Edition is uniquely able to address the key elements in the media supply chain:

Media Production

Key Security Concern


CyberSecurity Framework Focus

Content is stolen or held
hostage (hacked)

Content is unavailable
or lost (disruption)

Unauthorized copying
of content (piracy)

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Third party assurance of
supplier security

End-to-end content protection
& encryption (including DRM)

Cloud security e-learning module

DPP readiness assessment

Supplier security audit
(ISAE 3401)

Security assessment content
storage (Pentest)

Media Distribution

Key Security Concerns


CyberSecurity Framework focus

Content leaks or is stolen

Subscriber data is
compromised (GDPR)

Service is unavailable
of disrupted


End-to-end content protection
& encryption (like DRM)

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Business continuity and disaster recovery plans


GDPR e-learning module

DPP readiness assessment

Security audit (ISAE 3401)

DRM security assessment


Media Consumption

Key Security Concerns


CyberSecurity Framework focus

Content leaks, content copied or stolen (hacked)

Devices are compromised
(malware, botneck attacks)

User data is compromised (GDPR and legislative failure)


Main focus on compliance:
Digital Rights Management


Secure development
e-learning module

Security audit (ISAE 3401)

Device security assessment
(Smart TV, STB, etc.)


Benefits to Companies in the Supply Chain

  • companies have the benefit of dealing with one company
  • consistent reporting of results
  • consistent skills development through the e-learning modules
  • working with a single, well-regarded partner ensures costs are kept to a minimum
  • solutions extend end-to-end in the chain – or cover only the sections of the chain required by the business.
  • subsidiary organisations also have the assurance that all contributors to a project are working to an equal level of (high) security and that all aspects of cyber security will be accounted for
  • potential partners have the assurance that they are working with a company that puts cyber security to the fore and is always ahead of the game – and the cyber criminals


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