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Assure your customers that they can safely use your online services. With the Eurofins Digital Testing DigiD audit you demonstrably comply with the standard ICT security assessment for DigiD. Eurofins is happy to support you every step of the way. Do you have an online portal or website which users can log into with their DigiD? Then you must carry out a DigiD audit every year.

The design of a DigiD audit

Eurofins supports local government, water authorities, hospitals, health insurers and other service providers. The start of our approach is a self-assessment. This quickly shows the extent to which you meet the requirements of the standard. Eurofins helps you get started with the implementation or improvement of the necessary controls.

If you own an application or take care of its hosting, then the next step is a pentest. Our Certified Ethical Hackers test the technical requirements of the DigiD standard. If necessary, we support you to structurally solve the detected vulnerabilities.

The final step is the DigiD audit itself and reporting the results to Logius. The audit is carried out by Eurofins' qualified auditors (RE and/or CISA).

Benefits of a DigiD audit:

  • Short intake, no more work than necessary
  • One single point of contact for all steps
  • Eurofins takes the hassle our of your annual audit

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