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Security Audit

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Security Audit

Independent Security Audit

Our specialists conduct a variety of audits for organisations to demonstrate their accomplished level of information security. This information might also be useful for the organisation itself. Audits are realized at the request of customers, regulatory authorities and other parties. We have established a distinctive way of looking at technologies, policy and security awareness and we have taken up an independent position as an authority for many years. 

What does an audit look like?

We start by looking at the specific requirements of each sector to determine the right approach to deliver the best result. Our auditors continue by conducting an audit based on internationally recognised standards like ISAE3402 and ISAE3000. We combine international standards with essential specifications. 

The auditors work closely with our own team of ethical hackers to assess the security systems and technical processes. We ensure that business processes run as usual and we provide constant insight into the level of information security. 

Customised audits

We help organisations with a DigiD login desk, hospitals, and other healthcare providers with specific audits so that they can demonstrate the data they store is properly protected.

We provide following assurance services:

Do you wonder whether your company meets the requirements of the cyber security directives? Or do you want to demonstrate your organisation’s level of security? We’re here to help. Apply for one or receive more information from our specialists.

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