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Quickscan Cyber Security

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Quickscan Cyber Security

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Our quickscan provides a complete and clear overview of an organisation's cyber security level. The quickscan analyses the security awareness among employees, the quality of the technology and the security management structure. We give advice and recommendations on how to structurally improve your cyber security. 

Possible components of a quickscan:

Technology assessment

  • Design review (network and firewall).
  • Application assessment (optional).
  • Infrastructure assessment (optional).
  • Vulnerability scan (optional).

Security Awareness Assessment

  • Online survey.
  • Check the security awareness among employees.
  • Social engineering, such ‘stray’ USB flash drives and phishing emails (optional).
  • Serious game Alcatraz (optional).

Policy and organisation assessment

  • Interviews with employees 
  • Self-assessment questionnaire

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