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Secure Development Training

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Secure Development

The increasing number of security incidents and rapidly growing cybercrime have made the security of (web) applications inevitable. Security is in many cases not anchored in the lifecycle of the application and therefore often tested only after delivery. Security by design is often ignored. Errors or weaknessess in the software are in consequence difficult or in some case not repairable. 

Eurofins Cyber Security's training stresses the importance of paying attention to security at every stage of the development cycle of (web) applications, whether this is devops, agile or a more traditional method. 


The main objective of the workshop is to increase the knowledge and especially the stills of the participants in the field of secure programming. Increasing awareness of developers is an essential part of the training. The training consists of a theoretical part, hacklab and a practical part in which developers practice with the provided theory and tools. The exercises are available in Java and .Net (#C).

The participants learn how structurally safe (web) applications are developed so that they can withstand frequent attacks (OWASP top 10) such as: SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Cross-Site Request Forgery and abuse of weak authentication. This is based on theory, practical examples, exercises and discussions. With the ‘Secure Development Lifecycle’, attention is paid to all phases of the software development process: from requirements and designs, to implementation, testing and support.

Benefits of a Secure Development Training:

  • Awareness of the vulnerabilities hackers exploit
  • Teaches developers to program in an inherently secure way
  • Ensures information security becomes an integral part of the development cycle

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