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Human Factor Training

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The Human factor

Information security is important for many organisations. It is important, for example, that the operational management is organised in such a way that sensitive information such as customer data is stored safely. Incorrect information can lead to the wrong investment decision with all the financial consequences that entails. The (timely) availability of certain information is also crucial for making decisions.

Organisations invest a lot in improving the level of information security. Communication is crucial here. In addition to introducing all kinds of organisational and technical measures, it is ultimately primarily about influencing behaviour among employees. This presupposes not only awareness, knowledge and skills, but also conviction and a benevolent attitude towards the subject of information security.

Training approach

The training course examines the necessary knowledge and skills in which the desired behaviour must be shown. Eurofins Cyber Security uses an approach that results in a security awareness plan that enables organisations to change sustainable behaviour. During the training, participants learn to design, supervise and implement an appropriate security awareness program.

Benefits of the Human Factor Training:

  • You will be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of your awareness plan.
  • You can convince management of the need for security awareness.
  • You will be able to apply security awareness measures and activities to your organisation.

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