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Data Protection Officer Training

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The privacy regulations are constantly changing. The Reporting duty for data leaks and the extension of the power to impose fines has been in operation since January 2016. Since May 2018 the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in operation. Only one privacy law now applies throughout the EU. This has major consequences for many organisations and it is important to effectively respond, for example by appointing a Data Protection Officer.

In practice

The course offers a practical basis to address privacy issues. Privacy is under pressure and it is important that people have confidence in an organization that stores their personal data. With the arrival of the internet, social media, various apps and much more, the technical possibilities to collect and distribute personal data are enormous. We show you which measures you should take to keep things workable.

For whom?

The Data Protection Officer Training is created for employees who are charged with advising, supervising or implementing laws and regulations: the GDPR. For example; information advisers, security officers, privacy officers, ICT managers, internal auditors, corporate controllers, policy advisers and lawyers. The course is ideal for people who want to prepare for or further qualify in the position of Data Protection Officer.


Module 1 (day 1): Legislation and regulations (Awareness and compliance)
Module 2 (day 2): Privacy and Information Security; Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA), control of risks, privacy in relation to information security, recordings of reports, processor agreements.
Module 3 (day 3): Data Protection Officer in practice; use of checklists and tools, dilemmas, advisory skills and the positioning of the Data Protection Officer.


The Data Protection Officer Training is currently provided by Eurofins Cyber Security Academy for It-Academy Noord-Nederland. If desired, the course can also be provided in-company. Get in touch if you would like this training provided in-company in other countries and regions

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