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Events like negative publicity after cyber attacks but also new laws and regulations have determined that more and more organisations and institutions need to protect their infrastructure systems and especially the personal information they keep better. The demand for cyber security specialists is therefore growing stronger than ever. By sharing our extensive knowledge, the Eurofins Cyber Security Academy ensures that more and more people recognise and report cyber security incidents and emphasizes the importance of constant improvements on the information security of an organisation. 



Collaborative partners

Eurofins Cyber Security offers training and training programs (in-company) for aspiring security and privacy professionals. These training programs are provided in close collaboration with Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Haagse Hogeschool, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, IT Academy Noord, InHolland, NHL/Stenden, Hanzehogeschool and TNO. These are recognised worldwide for their prowess in cyber security.


The 'Seven Principles' of the Eurofins Cyber Security Academy

  • Extensive assessment: Every training starts with an extensive assessmentto determine the learning objectives and to customise if needed.
  • The best people: Our training courses are provided by the best people in their area of expertise.
  • Interactive and inspiring: In addition to explaining theoretical models, we also incorporate group discussions, presentations, cases and gaming in our training - aiming to inspire students to deliver their best.
  • Certification and PE points: All our training come with a certificate and the program provides PE credits (where relevant).
  • Practical and relevant: Practical cases and examples are used to train how to apply the new knowledge in daily practice and in real-world situations.
  • Continuous learning: Following your formal traning we keep you connected to the Eurofins Security Academy.
  • Knowledge sharing: To share knowledge and experience, we regularly organise meetings with fellow participants 



Cyber Safety

Crime is rapidly shifting from the physical world to the internet. Eurofins works on a safer society where companies recognise cyber crime and know when, where and how to report it.

Ethical Hacking

The question is not whether you will be hacked, but when, and how often. Make sure you beat criminal hackers and use ethical hackers to protect the security of systems.

Data Protection Officer

A course of three days for people who want to delve into the field of security and privacy.


Information Security Officer

Become a security officer with Eurofins' one year upskilling and training program.



Security Audit Training

An IT audit is an important tool for management to continuously improve the level of information security. Eurofins Cyber Security trains your employees who perform IT audit tasks or want to learn more about IT auditing.                                                                          

Secure Development

Improve the security of your (web) applications.



Hardware Hacking & Reverse Engineering

Test and improve the security of your IoT device. In close cooperation with Grand Idea Studio, Qbit organises training in ‘hardware hacking and reverse engineering’.


Human Factor

An important precondition for information security is the focus on developing a sustainable sense of risk and a change in behaviour. Make people the strongest factor.



Learn how to gain insight into the most important privacy risks in a fun and interactive way and what it takes to meet the requirements of the GDPR.


Risk Assessment

Learn how to identify risks and, if necessary, which measures must be taken to manage them.


Security Implementation

Acquire the knowledge and skills that are required for the successful implementation of an information security management.



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