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Awareness Services

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We never stop improving processes, people, security products and services. Discover how we can support you and your company.



Our Awareness Services:

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1. Security Awareness Program

Security Awareness

Employees as strongest link

Employees are an essential link in information security. The Security Awareness program shows how employees can work safer and learns to recognise privacy and security risks. 

Awareness as a continuous process

Eurofins Cyber Security compiles a customized Security Awareness Program based on a secure assessment. The program consists of a combination of all our best-practice awareness services and products. We regularly measure the impact of initiatives taken through our awareness assessment. This assessment is scientifically validated. It also shows which subjects your staff need to focus on.

The Security Awareness Program is:

  • A varied awareness program that involves every employee.
  • Case based learning (based on the recognizable work situations)
  • Interactive
  • Continuously measurable

Want to know more? Read this customer case where we improved security awareness amongst the employees of Tintengroep, a Dutch company that specializes in social work. 

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2. E-Learning: Structural security awareness at every level


Our e-learning program ensures that employees gain more knowledge about risks and know how to act. All the modules are developed by experts in each field of security. Modules include Onboarding, Phishing, Privacy, GDPR for different sectors, Recognising and Reporting Incidents, Cybercrime, Risks of Mobile Devices, Secure File Transfer, Use of Social Media and Password Management.

Our e-learning is available online, on premise (custom) and as SCROM package.


  • Unique scenarios applied to real work situations
  • Innovative and attractively designed modules at every level
  • Short and effective activities at your choice of time and place
  • Benchmarking
  • Structural development


  • Greater risk awareness amongst employees
  • A positive association with security through fun e-learning
  • Knowledge of the latest vulnerabilities and risks
  • An upskilled workforce

Introductory program in various modules

Our case-based e-learning features various content modules on subjects such as phishing and the compulsory reporting of data breaches.

  • Onboarding programme: targeted at beginners or new colleagues at your organisation to provide them with the basic knowledge on cyber security and to highlight the most important and fundamental aspects of cyber security.
  • Phishing module: a module designed to provide the knowledge and skills to recognise and repel phishing and ransomware attacks
  • Basic privacy module: focused on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the obligation to report data breaches. This basic program shows colleagues how privacy legislation affects them. We also provide employees with the tools they need to correctly handle personal data.

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3. Serious Games

Serious games

Learn cyber security through gaming, using the serious game Alcatraz

Participants are challenged to show their true colors in a game situation on the prison island Alcatraz. Identify the success factors and points of attention regarding security awareness in your organisation, management, team or project group.

Eurofins Cyber Security offers participants of the serious game Alcatraz the opportunity to show commitment and to distinguish themselves in the field of cybersecurity. 

Alcatraz provides an insight into behavioural and practical working methods in regards to security and privacy issues. This serious game uses an innovative approach involving participants in cyber security.

Results are:

  • Improved sense of responsibility and risk awareness
  • Improved understanding and commitment to cyber security
  • The basics for an improvement plan with solutions and measures (security awareness plan)

How does this serious game work?

Participants work in an individual or mixed team with statements on security and/or privacy. Various security and/or privacy risks are addressed.

The presented risks and threats are related to existing risks in your organization and industry so that employees become aware of the desired situation. Together with Eurofins Cyber Security the participants develop a ‘human firewall’. Serious Game Alcatraz offers concrete tools for solutions and measures to increase and improve security awareness.

Want to know more? Read this customer case to find out how we raise awareness by using game play. 

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4. Awareness Workshop

Awareness Workshop

Efficient and interactive

Eurofins Cyber Security increases security awareness by addressing knowledge, attitude and behavior. We have access to the best specialists and are happy to provide on-site training.

Our approach

The aim of each workshop is to work together on risk awareness, a positive attitude to security and privacy and becoming acquainted with relevant subjects.

Together we personalize the workshops by including specific work situations. The workshops consist of short interactive sessions and other methods, such as video, real-time voting, a digital quiz and wordcloud.

Possible themes:

  • The value of information
  • The new way of working, at home and on the go
  • Hacked: how to limit the damage?
  • Social engineering: information theft without technical “hacking”.
  • Mobile devices: safe handling of smartphones and tablets
  • Phishing and Ransomware: How to deal with unknown websites, links, attachments etc.
  • Roles and responsibilities of employees
  • Secure use of passwords
  • Privacy and the obligation to report data breaches

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