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Comprehensive Portfolio of Assessment Options

Eurofins offers a full array of Security Assessment Services including a comprehensive portfolio of options to meet all your business security needs. These services are aimed at baselining your security position and identifying vulnerabilities & threats. We take a risk-based approach considering likelihood of exploit and business impact, so that you can manage your remediation efforts in a way that aligns with your business priorities.

Red Teaming Device Testing Security Training
Risk Assessments Mobile Security Assessment Social Engineering Assessment
Vendor Management Development Infrastructure Assessment Incident Response and Development
Security Testing DPP Committed to Security Mark Compromise Assessment
Application Assessment Compliance Audits  

Let Eurofins show you why so many companies are turning to us for all their security, compliance, and risk management needs.

Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Comprehensive Risk Assessments allow organizations to understand their security position from a true risk perspective. We take the time to understand your business and its most critical assets, so when we assess threats and vulnerabilities we do so with likelihood and impact in mind. With this information, Eurofins will provide a risk assessment and score for your organization, as well as the specific risks identified during the assessment, which allows you to create a customized and relevant remediation plan that aligns with your business priorities and ensures the efficient use of time, resources, and capital.

What do we assess for? 

We review your organization, systems, applications, and data for:

Vulnerabilities, governance, compliance, configuration errors, alignment with best practices, management, monitoring, policy enforcement, encryption, authentication, patching, identity and access management, and much more.

Our Risk Assessments are designed to meet your specific business needs. We customize each assessment to align with unique business, security, compliance and budgetary requirements. Our assessments can include any combination of the following phases, which can be combined as a larger project or delivered individually.


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