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NEN 7510

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Security and healthcare

Information security in the healthcare sector is extremely important. A lot of medical and patient data are managed and exchanged. NEN 7510 helps to structurally and demonstrably set up information security and to continuously improve it. We work with healthcare all around the world to ensure healthcare companies do not expose themselves to risks and their products are not open to exploitation by cyber criminals. 

Detailed below is a case based on the Dutch NEN 7510 standard. 


NEN 7510 Implementation Plan

We use existing methods, procedures and best practice documents which allows us to achieve visible results immediately. And naturally, a successful implementation also requires support from management, good communication during the project and a structured approach.

Do you need to organise your information security in a structural and transparent way? We help you to draft a NEN 7510 implementation plan.


Advantages of a NEN 7510 implementation developed with Eurofins:

  • Pre-audit to prepare for your NEN 7510 certification
  • Our consultants have extensive experience in ISO 27001, NEN 7510 and other relevant implementations
  • GDPR compliance is included in the implementation


Other standards we can assist with:


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