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Are you in control of your cyber security?

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Are you in Control of your Cyber Security

Cyber Security has become a critical component of any business IT ecosystem. Ever-increasing cybercrime, public opinion and legislation, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have collectively raised cybersecurity on every organisation’s agenda.   

Managed Security Services seek to mitigate your risks and liabilities without you needing to invest in a full-blown cybersecurity department. A good managed service will provide:

Threat intelligence

The crux of any cybersecurity service. A threat intelligence system will give real-time insight into the threats you're exposed to and snapshots of your vulnerability, enabling you – or your managed service – to take any pre-emptive action.

Network security

Identify vulnerabilities and potential weakness in your network. As threats evolve and networks get ever more complex it’s crucial that you can easily assess the quality of your network and where there might be any weaknesses.

Application security

Complete visibility of client-side security, looking at any vulnerabilities or threats instigated by (or via) the software and applications used by your staff.

Network monitoring

Passive monitoring of the security of your network and network devices. As well as identifying problems in your network, a passive monitoring system keeps a vigil on changes and identifies potential problems.

Distributed Denial of Service Attack Protection

Protect your business and its assets from Distributed Denial of Service attacks that could compromise access to your website, email and other Internet connections. A malicious attack launched on your business will block customer access with an obvious negative effect on your business.

Device security

Protect your network infrastructure from unsecure devices. With the number of connected devices in use in any business – both those provided by the company and employees own – it’s essential that any security net covers all these and prevents an attack entering via an unsecured device.

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Learn more about Eurofins managed security service, Security Monitor, by downloading our datasheet here.

Security Monitor provides a robust line of defense addressing all the requirements above. Additionally, Security Monitor offers:

  • Access to our teams of cybersecurity experts – working tirelessly to ensure your protection
  • Access to the extensive Eurofins Cyber Security Knowledge Base
  • Security alerts: industry wide and specific to your organization
  • Twice yearly awareness content
  • Help and first aid for resolving security incidents or breaches
  • Monthly newsletters – to keep you up to date on all risks, threats and cybersecurity news

Security Monitor is also subscription based, requiring no upfront outlay and a range of services scoped to meet your business needs. Download the datasheet here.


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