Eurofins Launches new websites for its Cyber Security and Digital Testing Devisions

Jan 10, 2020 - We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website, along with that of our Digital Testing division,

Over the past few years Eurofins Digital Testing, the digital testing division of Eurofins Scientific, has undergone considerable growth and development. This has happened at a time that has seen great change - mostly for the good - in the IT landscape of technology companies and those in the broader marketplace.

Eurofins Digital Testing has always sought to position itself as the leading light in testing and QA for digital devices, software and services and the company's development mirrors this. Digital technologies are becoming more embedded in everyday life and the importance of delivering robust products and services of the highest quality must be assured. Companies need a name they can trust.

Our new websites reflect both the changing marketplace and the need for companies across the board to build testing and QA firmly into product and service development plans. Whether you offer services or products - digital devices or software - company profits and reputations can be on the line if they fail to deliver.

The new sites offer access to all the relevant information in an experience that is both intuitive and informative: clear, uncluttered designs make it easy to access the information relevant to you, whatever your business sector. You will also find information (and often case studies) from businesses  who are already working with us. A website, though, should be more than just as shop window. So you will also find extensive opportunities to connect with our experts - in quality, testing and cybersecurity to discuss how we can help you with your projects.

Johan Craeybeckx, Business Line Director of Eurofins Digital Testing says:

"We are in a landscape where digital technologies are constantly evolving and the threats from cyber criminals ever more devious - there needs to be a vigorous approach in all businesses to assuring customer and end user safety and satisfaction. We provide the services - and tools - do this. I am pleased that our new websites promote not only the extensive solutions we provide but the crucial role QA and testing play in delivering quality."


Explore our new Digital Testing website now here: