Hacking and Testing

Criminal hackers are creative - and very often one step ahead of their victims. That's why you need our ethical hackers, who will penetrate and analyze your perimeter and assist you in making your digital environment more secure. This can be done at the start of your route to creating a properly secured environment, where any findings may serve as an input for further development. Or you can call our team in at the end of the project to analyze if the measurements have been implemented successfully.

You'll find access to the Internet today in so many more places than desktop or laptop computers. Any connected device can be a gateway: from a smartphone to a smart lighting system at home. And more: medical devices, car electronics, STB's, Sensors, remote controls, switch-boards, air conditioning systems, smart TV's, smart watches and so much more. 

Eurofins can check your devices from the user-interface to what's under the hood: We check everything from the hardware, firmware, application, network to related services such as servers or any other back end equipment. This will not only help you to protect your devices against misuse and outage but also any network the device is connected to.

We can also take a close look at GDPR compliance, making sure sensitive data is properly protected and, when the need arises, securely removed.

Virtually every app or device which is connected to the Internet poses a threat to the security of all other devices - and to networks and even the Internet itself. Even a modestly skilled hacker could gain access to your trusted smartphone, for example, and use it to gain access to your other devices or computer network. From there they could cause untold damage to you, your customers and others. 

You may operate your devices from remote locations, from your car, or from a purpose-built office location. You may store your data in the cloud. No matter where you work - or play - it's important to address your cyber security to ensure you are not posing a risk to yourself or others. 

Eurofins helps you to protect your back end systems and helps implement and develop API's to withstand attackers trying to use your own devices.

When your business world is online, if your services cannot be reached by your customers and employees, your business is at risk. The availability and accuracy of your web services are essential nowadays, 24/7. And this must be true for direct access via your company website and through any mobile apps.

Eurofins can analyze your desktop and mobile systems and help you to identify and fix any security issues.

Benefits of our service

Recognized enterprise security experts

We have a long history & wide footprint in some of the most demanding industries: High profile companies in the Finance and Utilities sectors and CRITA providers rely on our security services, and we have been chosen to review and challenge their perimeter and device security frequently.
Our ethical hacking team proudly registered a long (and ever-growing) list of CVEs, prooving their skills and creativity and almost uniquely consolidates Eurofins' position to help you protect your most valuable assets.

Specifically focusing on device security

We are acknowledged experts in device security with an unrivalled background. We've analyzed a large number of appliances in terms of security and reliability, drawn from customers all around the world and from all industries.
Our fully equipped labs along with our hacking expertise enables us to provide you with unmatched services when it comes to device security.

One-stop-shop for security testing services

Our services are not limited to cyber-security - our portfolio includes radio, EMI-testing services and environmental simulations. As part of Eurofins Digital Testing we are world leaders in all forms of electronic and digital testing services, able to provide a complete and holistic approach to any testing you may require. 
You will work with one company, a company that shares your approach and ethos when it comes to quality and security. 

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