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Customer: Vestia

Vestia is a company that puts a high value on information security. The company’s management recognized a need to raise the level of awareness in information security and found a solution in the delivery though our e-learning offering.

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Why did Vestia integrated e-learning in their awareness program?

We were looking for a flexible and always-available educational delivery system that is easy to implement and flexible, easy accessible and approachable for every employee. We were also looking for a measurable and controllable approach. E-learning combines all these requirements.  

We chose for Eurofins Cyber Security because of their flexible and approachable way of working. Our employees have access to the platform 24/7 without complex access requirements and via a dashboard we can monitor their progress.

Furthermore, we were also looking for a partner who could deliver the e-learning in the e-learning industry-standard SCORM files and we wanted to be involved in the content of the modules. This way we could tie these into recognizable work situations. Eurofins scored highly on all these criteria and it did not take long for the company to adopt Eurofins as its e-learning partner.

How is your experience with the e-learning modules?

We have received only positive feedback from our staff. We did often got questions and feedback which we incorporated in new versions and new modules. We have tested each module with the user groups before going live. This way we could easily develop the modules to be particularly appropriate for our staff.

A particularly useful feature was the short duration of modules, which took only 10 to 15 minutes to complete – employees can do one whenever they have a some free time.

Another advantage of e-learning is that it incorporates recognizable situations the user will also find useful in his own personal environment. The phishing module for example was useful for a colleague who received a phishing email at home. He now knew how to recognize a phishing email and how (not) to respond. 

How do you ensure the e-learning course is successful?

The e-learning is a mandatory course for our employees, and for consultants. In cooperation with our HR Department, all new colleagues are invited to follow the e-learning modules.

We often check who hasn’t gone through the modules yet. Currently that 95% of our employees have followed the course. The modules are rolled out in phases of 6 months to ensure everyone has followed the previous module ahead of the next one being rolled out. Another advantage is that all the modules stay relevant as we can adapt them to current events. 

Which challenges have you faced?

Making the course mandatory has been a big step for us. Following the course does not imply that you will change your behavior. In some cases, we get requests to redesign a course or a module. By raising awareness we want to change the behavior of our colleagues in information security. As everyone has a different motivation, it’s a lengthy process but one that is ultimately very successful.

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