Awareness & Training

For a company to have a robust approach to cyber security it is crucial that all staff are engaged and aware of cyber security. We can help you achieve this throughout your organisation by both helping develop the appropriate level of awareness and delivering relevant training.

Employees are an essential link in information security. The Security Awareness program shows how employees can work safer and learns to recognise privacy and security risks.

It is essential your team stays up-to-date with the latest developments in information security. Get the tools to deal with security risks in everyday life. Our e-learning courses help your staff gain the key cyber security skills at a pace and time to suit them.

Help your staff develop their cyber security skills by engaging in game-based scenarios. Play the Alcatraz game with your colleagues to learn how to improve security awareness within your organisation.

Identify risks and effectively train your colleagues with our Security Awareness Workshop. The workshop enables you to refresh your organisation’s security awareness or bring important cyber security issues to your colleagues’ attention. Eurofins Cyber Security will create a custom awareness plan for your business. 

Our Trainings

We never stop improving processes, people and security products and services. Eurofins Cyber Security trains security and privacy professionals of tomorrow.


  • Case based learning (via recognisable work situations)
  • Brief interventions as part of daily practice
  • Interactive methods such as games
  • Continuous improvement through processes such as the PDCA cycle
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